Shaka By Poke Twins


SHAKA by Poké Twins, as its name suggests, is yet another poké cafe managed by the same team of Poké Twins. "SHAKA", a friendly gesture often associated with the Hawaii and surf culture, we aim to convey the "Aloha Spirit" that express the concept of welcoming and understanding to the people who visits our cafe. We strive to bring Hawaiian vibes to the streets of Johor Bahru.


hearty. healthy. wholesome.

Here at SHAKA, we serve more than just Poké. Hearty and wholesome food menu ranging from poké bowls, poké-rritos, tacos to croissant and bagels for the brunch lovers.

And we are proud to have Vamos Coffee Roastery and Vamos Nitro Brew to take over the bar at SHAKA.

Shaka By Poke Twins


Healthy Food Eatery

Located in Austin JB. Poké Twins was one of the first sucessful Poké bowl Eatery that is now loved by many! Be it dining with a SO, or a gathering of friends & family, Poke Twins JB has got it all. 

Shaka By Poke Twins


Coffee Roastery

Once a Micro Roaster, now Vamos Coffee Roastery is now one of JB's leading experts in coffee roasting & healthy living! With the trinity of coffee, products & surf culture, come check out Vamos Coffee Roastery!

Contact Us  |  Tel: +6010 - 6678625

MCO HOURS 10am - 6:30pm
Tuesdays - Sundays 

Bringing Hawaiian Vibes

155, Jalan Beringin,
Taman Melodies, 80250, JB

To The Streets of JB


Shaka By Poke Twins